Thursday AM Linkage

· Nationally 'pending home sales' are up 7.4 percent. Key word: 'pending.' [NYT]
· Whee: Port Authority & Larry Silverstein in pissing match over a wall [Crain's]
· But the WTC fence with the nice renderings is on schedule!!! [NYP]
· DEP Commish quits: will move from crap business to real estate work [NYDN]
· Can a museum counteract Little Italy's massive shrinkage? [Metro]
· Instead of buying some crap, how about renting it? [Queens Crap]
· Checking out Coffey Street in the Hook (& its swastika house) [Forgotten NY]
· New Bricolage delight bldg causing major crack problem on Court St. [GL]
· Kids, it's Halloween on Humboldt Street again & they don't play [NYShitty]For more stories from Curbed, go to

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