Thursday AM Linkage

· The Wall Street Meltdown leads to talk of 'Black September' [Sun]
· New MAD director talks to reporter while barefoot, putting on pearls [NYP]
· Even with Google, we can still teach our tourist friends subway tricks! [NYT]
· Trump sued by law firm over 'series of leaks & floods' [NYP]
· God no: there may be less bank branches in the future [Sun]
· Ellis Island Museum expanding to include pre-1892 arrivals--slaves, etc. [NYT]
· Pelham Bay is a 'veritable picture of residential stability' [amNY]
· Things to be happy about: stereo bikes in Queens [Queens Crap]
· Brooklyn's Fulton Ferry Landing: crossroads of the world [McBrooklyn]For more stories from Curbed, go to

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