Critical Shopping: Writer Cintra Wilson braves the San…

[RACKN] 2008_9_staerk.jpg

Writer Cintra Wilson braves the San Gennaro crowds to visit Mulberry Street newcomer Staerk for the Times, and discovers a cool little boutique filled with sexy, unpractical clothing. "Staerk did contain one unqualified success for me: the leather riding leggings were really comfortable, and smokin’ hot — a poem ($1,480). I never wanted to take them off, though I would have needed a federal bailout after buying them. But I had no excuse for owning them, unless I decided to supplement my income by riding small motorcycles around a steel ball-cage. There was a similar pair of leggings in red velvet ($375) for a Santa’s She-Elf of the SS look, but I wasn’t sure what kind of job they would need me to get." [NYT]

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