Critical Shopping: What does Cintra Wilson think of…

What does Cintra Wilson think of the fancy new Hugo Boss store in the Meatpacking District? Well, it's dark and full of slick, if derivative, clothing, and apparently staffed by hunky, overstyled men. "If the movies 'Scarface' and 'American Gigolo' ever got together and had a baby and named it 'Babyface Gigolo,' the star should be my utterly fabulous salesman, dazzling beyond all human decency in an airtight, shiny black cigarette-leg suit with a leopard-print silk pocket scarf, pointy black patent-leather wingtips, a waxed chest full of Catholic saints on gold chains and a collection of golden safety pins on his lapel. 'Wow!' I enthused. 'You look OUTSTANDING!' He did. His eyebrows alone were indicative of a grooming standard rigorous enough to make Cindy McCain look as if she just woke up in the roller derby van." [NYT]For more stories from Racked, go to

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