Critical Shopping: In this week's Times Critical Shopper…

In this week's Times Critical Shopper column, Cintra Wilson rips the glitzy new Juicy Couture flagship on Fifth Avenue a new one. On the sales associates: "The Juicy staff, fresh baby-fat creatures with rosy cheeks in bright shirts, bound about like oversize puppies, stand too close and wag their tails enthusiastically in your personal space bubble." On the clothing: "I searched high and low for something to try on that wasn’t covered with rhinestone gobs or VIVA LA JUICY! glitter decals or cabbagey princess sleeves, arriving finally at a long charcoal-gray cashmere hoodie ($328). The hoodie was nice, but in trying it on, I discovered a rhinestone 'J' on the zipper and a superfluous heart appliqué. I left it on the chair." [NYT]For more stories from Racked, go to

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