Cowboy Boots Can Boost Your Ego

The Feast/Shop Dallas went behind-the-scenes of an authentic cowboy boot factory in Fort Worth, Ponder Boot Company, to learn a bit about the allure and making of a custom cowboy boot.

There, fifth-generation Texan, Georgia Linam, heads a group of artists and craftsmen who create custom-made cowboy boots by hand. According to Linam, the very best materials from which to craft a pair of boots are chrome-tanned alligator, ostrich, and elephant hides.

There are countless styles, but when it comes to color, she advises, “The best choice for all people is to match the color of their hair.”

Starting at around $650 a pair, Ponder’s works of art take a few weeks to complete, and they’re fully expected to last for decades. But durability is just the half of it. Here, Linam explains the ego-boosting power of a great pair of boots -- and about a few of her favorite famous clients. (Hint: Some of them sing.) [THE FEAST DALLAS]

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