Cory Gunz Gets Reality Show

Getty Images for Reality Rocks

Cory Gunz -- the son of rapper Peter Gunz -- has a new show on MTV that chronicles his struggle to escape the streets of the Bronx and make it as a star.

The younger rapper, who grew up near 174th Street and Vyse Avenue, will be featured on the show "Son of a Gun," which is produced by Nick Cannon, according to the Daily News.

Peter Gunz was part of the duo "Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz," known for their hit "Deja Vu."

He tells the Daily News he wasn't thrilled about his son going into the same career.

"I didn't want him in the music business," he said. "One minute you're hot, and the next, you're not. Most people can't handle that."

Cory Gunz had record deals with Tommy Mottola and Jay-Z when he was a teenager, but never released an album.

"He was ready to give up," Peter Gunz told the paper. "He went all the way up, and then all the way down."

But Cory Gunz recently struck a deal with Lil Wayne's label. The pair, who have a hit song, "6 Foot 7 Foot," toured together.

"It's been crazy fun," Cory Gunz says.

The show premieres April 28.

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