Cooking Society's Epic 24-Hour, 24-Course Event

They’re calling it the Le Mans of cooking

Now that everyone has an "underground" eating club, it's not enough to simply cook exquisite food in your house using rabbit confit and caperberry blossoms and charge people for it. You need a gimmick to stand out.

This weekend, Mike Cirino and his “underground”(ish) culinary society A Razor, A Shiny Knife will prepare three eight-course meals entirely from scratch within 24 hours. They’ll start cooking at 10PM tomorrow and serve the first breakfast course at 10AM Saturday, followed by lunch at 1PM and dinner at 7PM. And you can sign up to sup at this theatrical, educational, culinary tour de force. Time to dig out your fat pants!

Behold the menus, in the chef’s own words:


   1. Croissant with butter and jam
   2. Charentais Melon, Bourbon, Bacon
   3. Slow Poached Eggs, Rarebit, Crumpets and Tea
   4. Asparagus Oscar
   5. Chicken and Waffles
   6. Red Leaf Salad, Tomato, Zucchini, Ricotta
   7. “Mozzareaps”, Agave, Saffron, Cilantro
   8. Maple, Bacon, Walnut


   1. Pickle Plate
   2. Steel Head Trout Roe, Pluot , Mache, Bread Crumbs
   3. Cucumber, Celery, Tomato, Cress
   4. Asparagus, Red onion,  Pecorino, Egg, Black Truffle
   5. Soft shell crab Ban Mi Sandwich
   6. Canard Confit, Smoked Almonds and String Beans
   7. Green Papaya, Daikon, Pork Belly, Cilantro, Aji Amarillo
   8. Caramelized Pineapple, Crème Fraîche, Rosemary, Pine nut


   1. Salmon, Meyer Lemon, Balinese Long Pepper, Molasses, Saffron
   2. Foie gras, Cucumber, Strawberry, Aji, Almonds
   3. Lobster, Aji, Key Lime,  Thai basil
   4. Chawan Mushi
   5. Beef Rib, Morels, Garlic, Garbanzo Bean
   6. Potato, Smoke, Egg Yolk, Chives
   7. Coconut, White Peaches, Sriracha, Lavender
   8. Chocolate, Cherry, Honey, Cream

Breakfast will run you $71, lunch $116, and dinner $143. Wine and cocktails will be paired with dishes. As part of their preparations, ARASN will be hosting on-the-fly cooking lessons (feel free to “bring your own knives”), making the tickets a real bargain, when you think of it.

Find out more information and how to reserve a seat at each meal at (location to be disclosed to attendees).

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