Construction Watch: Tribeca’s CaVaLa Park Unwrapped

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The little triangle on the south side of Canal Street -- where it intersects Varick, Laight and Sixth Avenue -- has recently been christened with newly-installed name posts for CaVaLa Park.

The park-to-be, which is now under construction at the site along the traffic-choked thoroughfare, will include amongst its many soothing features a flowing faux canal running nearly the full length of the small patch of green. How they will keep this from becoming a cesspool much like the original canal became (before being covered over and turned into everyone's favorite cross-town nightmare) is something of a mystery.

And here's a puzzle: How to pronounce CaVaLa? One might think it rhymes with Kabbalah, but given the nearby streets from which the park folks have chosen the name -- CAnal/VArick/LAight -- it could easily be more like Chevrolet, which would make CaVaLa sound more like a foofy red wine, and therefore more in line with the spirit of Tribeca, no? Alternative pronunciations for Tribeca's newest park also welcomed in the comments field below.

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