Conspiracy Theories: Lights Out for Peter Cooper Village?

While it's not the strangest thing in the world to come across a crazy scheme for the redevelopment of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, Stuy Town watchdog blog Lux Living unleashes a downright blockbuster today: a two-page letter, dated less than one week ago, that lays the framework for a deal between the rental megacomplex's owner (Tishman Speyer) and a Chinese firm to level Peter Cooper Village and develop "residential, office and retail" buildings on the site. PCV is the slightly more posh version of Stuy Town that lies between East 20th Street and East 23rd Street. The names on the PDF have been whited out, making this rumor hard to track down, and Lux Living tells us the letter was sent in by an anonymous tipster. Of course, there are a million reasons why this plan sounds a bit off the deep end—including pending lawsuits, the carefree dismissal of rent-stabilization and the political nuclear bomb that a plan like this would set off—but as we await comment from Tishman Speyer, do read on.

UPDATE: A Tishman Speyer rep tells us the document is a fake. But whew, what an adventure! Maybe creating ST/PCV development deals should become a new pastime?


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