Confessions of a Shopaholic Helps Audiences Escape

Is Confessions of a Shopaholic exceedingly poorly timed? Or is its storyline—girl meets credit card, girl temporarily ruins life—the kind of thing that a cash-strapped nation can relate to? The LA Times asked various people related to the movie for their thoughts. The conclusion: People related to the movie cannot be trusted.

Producer Jerry Bruckenheimer told the paper, "This is the journey of a young girl who has a problem and she turns her life around. It's a tale the whole world can learn a lesson from." But according to veteran Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman, when times are tough, "We need glamour and escapism more than ever." So the movie will be a hit with audiences looking for a glamorous, escapist real-life lesson in financial prudence?

MORE at Racked LA: The movie "is not a celebration of the joys of shopping"

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