Comment of the Day: An Hermès Report from the Scarf-Obsessed

Commenter Jan, a self-identified "scarfie," left us a massively detailed comment on the state of scarf-shopping at today's Hermes sale, quoted from a friend and dotted with acronyms apparently familiar to other scarf fanatics. We had no idea there was such a complex scarf-lovers underworld! The comment is nearly 700 words long, so rather than repost the whole thing, let's just pull out our favorite section, which comes after a long round-up of scarf patterns:

"Then the miracles started happening! A round of GM cashmeres came out unbeknownst to me (insert wails of grief here), and Menelle was an angel and handed me a perfect pink GFII GM cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s one of my fave designs and the color is so soft and lovely. Happy dance abounds!!! That’s when the vets coached me that the trick is to hover around the back stock room to grab stuff as it comes out. Beeline! I missed another/the last round of cashmeres but props to the posse for throwing elbows and grabbing a great stash!"

"Throwing elbows"! "The posse"! Who knew there were gangs of scarf-loving hooligans roaming Chelsea? We love it. (If you happen to be a member of the Scarf Crips, click through for lots of apparently useful information we non-scarfies can barely decipher.)
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