Comment Koan: The Wisdom Of Commenter #12

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Gordo Perez

Just when you think we've all gone off the cliff in this city, that we've all become so obsessed with the minutia of leisure and lifestyle and dining that we no longer make any sense and never will again, that we've gone past the point of no return, there is the voice of reason to rescue us from spiraling into meaninglessness.

It just so happens that the lone voice of reason in this howling metropolitan wilderness is Commenter #12. The voice of reason goes by the name of Socko on Eater.

This particular bit of wisdom came after a reader rant about being mistreated while trying to get a table for one at Locanda Verde. Three paragraphs were devoted this tale of woe. The lot of lonely diner is a sad one, and when pain is rendered onto said diner, well, things become sadder still.

For 11 long comments the Eater community bickered this way and that -- about whether Miss Table For One On A Two-Top overreacted, about how hosts should treat their patrons in this economy, about how the owner of Locanda Verde owes money all over town from when he owned the Lever House, about how the complainant referred to her server as "Thing", about the pleasures of eating at the bar ("your glass is always full"), and about what the "real estate cost" of a single diner is.

And then, Commenter #12 comes to the rescue:

don't you realize we're all going fucking insane living in this city

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