Coming Soon: The Fashion Week Video Game

A Fashion Week video game is coming out next year. No, seriously. Created by 505 Games, IMG, and world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, the game will offer players a "true insider's point of view" of Fashion Week. It will include "world-class industry gurus," models, and celebrities, and will be available for the iPhone and for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles. Women ranging in age from pre-teen to mid-thirties are the target audience. But who among them plays video games in their idle hours?

Fashion people are supposed to spend their free time going to parties, shopping, drinking, getting body scrubs, BlackBerrying, and looking at themselves in the mirror — not playing video games. Unless a certain new fad in the world of gaming has created a feverish interest in the pastime among editors and designers and fashion aspirants — the Wii Fit. (Perhaps by now it's not the absolute latest cutting-edge technology to come out of the video-game world, but what the hell do we know about video games?)

Could the Fashions be holed up in their apartments on Saturday nights doing Hula-hoop and side planks on their little white mats to occupy themselves on those weekends they were embarrassingly not invited out to the Hamptons? The Wii Fit may look more boring than watching a football game on TV, but maybe it shares the same addictive properties as crack. If this new fashion video game involves, say, trying to feed models or throwing squirrels at protesting PETA members trying to infiltrate the tents — or André Leon Talley in any way whatsoever — it could be amusing.

Game Developer Steps Onto Fashion Week Runway [MediaPost]

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