Coffee Mania: Le Parker Meridien’s Knave

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Scott Bair

Midtown: Le Parker Meridian is adding another venue to join Norma's and the Burger Joint. As Flo Fab notes today, the space, opening on the 8th, is named the Knave after its passageway location "that has a nave-like vaulted ceiling, soaring columns and arches" and traffics in sandwiches, wine, and coffee.

But, what's interesting, and increasingly common these days, is the way they're touting their joe:

They are serving the excellent Counter Culture roasted coffee, they claim their baristas "have been training for years and have been recruited from all over the country," they won't offer to-go cups or drip coffee, no oversized drinks, and get this "No Cappuccino’s served after noon – it’s a breakfast drink!" Okay, we like your gumption Knave, but even in Italy one can get a cappuccino in the afternoon (whether the native Italians will drink it or not). You can also get them at all the other snobbish coffee joints in the city. It's a little too much. On the bright side: free wifi. Oh, and of course, another de rigueur offering: they're serving absinthe.
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