Nightlife Kingpin Matt DeMatt Reveals Plans for HBO Show

Nightlife guru Matt DeMatt dished last night on the TV show about life behind the velvet ropes that he is penning for HBO.

"It's basically all true experiences," the owner of Meatpacking staples Gaslight and G2 said during his birthday bash at Lucky Strike Lanes in Manhattan Wednesday night. "There's a moral to every story on the show too -- mostly about how to make yourself a better person." 

The club owner, who claims to have helmed more than 50 venues in his lifetime, is working on the project with nightclub guru Nick Kardaras. The show, which is still in the works and does not yet have an air date, is about two guys from Queens working in the industry.

DeMatt is also producing a show called "Woodstock -- You Should've Been There" for Jimi Hendrix percussionist Gerardo Velez and is trying to bring regular shows to Ceasar's Palace and Harrah's in Atlantic City.

“I always told people this is what I was going to do,” DeMatt said of the cutthroat nightlife industry. “I love what I do and I think you should do things you love and then the money follows, not the other way around.”

DeMatt had a back injury that caused him to not be able to do as much as he wants to but that doesn’t stop him from going forward.

“I’ve had a really good life,” DeMatt said.

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