Clippings: When a Size Four is “Fat” Edition

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- Model Lara Stone opened up to Vogue in the current issue about her stint in rehab and dealing with an industry that considers a size four "curvy," which -- as the model says, is fashion-speak for "fat." Says Stone, "People still tell me I'm fat, but when I look in the mirror, that's not what I see." [Vogue]

- Balenciaga is suing Steve Madden for copyright infringement and worse for its virtual carbon-copy replica of Balenciaga's multi-color-and-mesh heel from the Fall 2007 collection. Granted, those heels were positively hideous and cost over $4,000 (which in itself seems almost criminal), but copying is still copying, after all. [City File]

- Next week, two new styles of diamond-encrusted sunglasses by Oliver Peoples will hit Ilori boutiques in Los Angeles and Las Vegas retailing for $23,500 and $25,000, respectively. Because heck, why not. [WWD]

- Racked got itself a fancy-looking redesign, complete with mapped locations (lovely!) and news sorted by neighborhood. [Racked]

- Lady Gaga dolls! Yes! We want the one with the blood-red crown. [Jezebel]

- PR maven Alison Brod will be a judge in the Food Network's latest pilot, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. While she may be know more for her representation of beauty and fashion brands, the lady insists she's been "very involved in the food world" for some time. [FWD]

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