Clippings: Shopping is Serious Exercise Edition

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- Great news! According to a new study, shopping burns up to 48,000 calories (for the average woman) per year. Unfortunately, if we started shopping even more than we already do, we'd probably end up in the poor house. Regardless, this new "shopping is exercise" excuse  beats our old "shopping is good for your mental health" excuse hands down. [The Cut]

- Tough news for fans of American Eagle Outfitter's secondary line, Martin + Osa: WWD seems to have put the brand on its deathwatch for 2010, which is pretty much solid intel. [WWD]

- Did you know Dita von Teese had a pair of Louboutins designed especially for her? No surprise, they're completely covered in sequins. [Dita von Teese / Twitter]

- Refinery highlights five fashion prodigies -- all aged sixteen and under. Frankly, we're starting to feel a little insecure that all we were doing at thirteen and fourteen was crushing on Keanu Reeves. [Refinery29]

- Best Fashion Week gossip we've heard all week: Erin Wasson will be swapping a spot at the tents in favor of an off-site catwalk at ABC Home, featuring "an ethnic-rug catwalk." This we have to see. [ / Twitter]

- Second best Fashion Week gossip: Pop might be sending Tavi to Paris to cover the couture shows. The Moment posted the tweet, and then took it down. We spotted the tweet and thought we were seeing things, the Fashionista reported the same. [The Moment/Twitter, Fashionista]

- The first images of Stella McCartney's "Alice in Wonderland" capsule collection of jewelry are out: It's a bracelet and necklace stacked with hearts, clubs, and a little rabbit. [Vogue UK]

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