Clippings: Sam Ronson Kicks Edition

- Sam Ronson (a.k.a. LiLo's on-again-off-again DJ girlfriend) is launching a new collaboration with Supra. We find this surprisingly cool. [High Snobiety]

- Things are now so bad at Conde Nast that Glamour no longer has a receptionist. We thought Glamour was actually doing well? [Gawker]

- Apparently as a result of the designer's unwillingness to reduce his estimations of his company's value, talks to sell Roberto Cavalli's brand have broken down. [WWD]

- The CW is remaking Melrose Place (ugh!) with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz as a star (double ugh!). Nothing can ever equal Marcia Cross's breakdown on that show. [WWD]

- The Cut shared a cigarette with Coutney Love in the ladies' room? How did we miss this? [The Cut]

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