Clippings: Lady Gaga Fashion Dolls Edition

- A 29-year-old doll players has taken it upon herself to style Barbie in all manner of Lady Gaga ensembles, including exquisite Alexander McQueen platforms rendered in miniature. Paging Mattel -- we'd like to buy these, please. [Refinery29]

- Police have arrested some thieves who were stealing only the left halves of designer shoes from boutiques in Stockholm ... to pair with the corresponding right shoes they'd stolen in Copenhagen. Sneaky! [Times UK]

- Diddy is suing the landlord of his Sean John store on 41st street for encasing the building in scaffolding since 2006 and, thusly, causing sales to plummet. [Gothamist]

- Rihanna may have been asked to tone it down for her performance in Abu Dhabi, but she still rocked bondage leggings and a push-up brassiere. [Just Jared]

- Rumpled suit-wearing British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is officially the worst-dressed man of the year, according to GQ Magazine. On the other hand, rumpled shirt-wearing hunk Robert Pattinson was named the best-dressed.  [HuffPo]

- Guess who's hiring? Retail! We were surprised, too, but apparently discount retailers (and social services) are actually adding jobs. Alas, no indie designer boutique upturn yet. [Crains New York]

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