Clippings: Heartbreaker Tinsley Edition

- High heels are bad for your health? Zounds! We'll be filing this report right next to similar reports on skinny jeans, big handbags, and cheap pedicures. Sigh. Our fall wardrobe is shot.[HuffPo]

- So, so sad: Tinsley's got herself a German prince and Topper's chain-smoking and can't sleep. Best pull-quote? Tinsley's mother, who said, "I believe that Tinsley is confused." In more ways than one. [NY Post]

- Are gay men responsible for the fashion industry's body issues? This Jezebel blogger seems to think so. [One D at a Time]

- Self Editor Lucy Danziger continues to make her case for digitally altering Kelly Clarkson with dizzying, rambling logic. We're still not convinced. [The Cut]

- Meet MTV's latest tween-chick designer, Jazmin. We will not be watching. [The Cut]

- Myth debunked! Hipsters do not have potbellies. Take that, NYT! [Flavorwire]

- Rumor alert: Pop magazine editor Dasha Zhukova is pregnant with a Russian billionaire's love child. [NY Post]

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