City Seems to be Getting Closer to Willlets Point Dream

Despite savage opposition and the threat of lawsuits that could hold up the Willets Point megadevelopment until after a child born today is collecting Social Security, the city is inching closer to getting it done. There have been two more property buys, bringing the amount of land the city has agreements to buy to nearly 40% of the 62-acre redevelopment site. There are now agreements with the House of Spices for 173,000 square feet and with Prevete Brothers, an auto salvage company, for 12,000 square feet. The City Council has to vote on the Willets Point Master Plan by November 13 and, for what it's worth, the Daily News endorsed it today. The highly toxic Willets Point land would be redeveloped as a $3 billion complex with 5,500 apartments, stores, a covention center and hotel. A majority of City Council members have said the project is "doomed" unless the city takes eminent domain off the table. The city says it's working on up to nine more land deals before the City Council vote.
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