City of New York Attempts to Gross Out Smokers

As part of New York's continuing effort to save us from ourselves (it passed out nearly 40 million free condoms last year!), the Department of Health has branded a new line of matchbooks. The goal is to make smoking seem so disgusting that in the act of lighting up, nicotine addicts will be reminded of just how bad the results of their fun little activity can be. The matchbooks, which feature images of rotting teeth, decomposing lungs, and huge tumors (seriously), will be handed out for free at 132 cigarette dealers in the South Bronx, East and Central Harlem, and North and Central Brooklyn. We have two reactions to this: One, does the city really think establishments that make money off selling cigarettes are going to display these prominently, or hand them out eagerly? And two, are the smokers of Queens and Staten Island just considered a lost cause?

With New Matchbooks, Health Department Gives Smokers a Reality Check []

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