Christmas Comes Early at Bloomingdales

Instagram user: faithful_38

The Shophound noticed that Bloomingdales has already put out some floor decorations that look rather holiday-inspired (read: trees) accompanied by words like "happy" and "merry." We must agree, it seems far too early for that sort of thing.

The department store has recently renovated its entire cosmetics floor, so perhaps the decorators have gotten a little overly excited in the hopes of kickstarting the holiday season -- after all, the Bryant Park Shops are going to open two weeks early. But there's an unspoken rule in retail -- or at least there used to be -- that the holiday decorations only really come out the week of Thanksgiving (at least one month before Christmas, which one would think affords retailers plenty of time to sell all manner of holiday wares). Of late, it's true, the date where stores go full-holiday seems to be creeping earlier and earlier, but this seems a bit over-the-top.

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