Christian Siriano Designs “Fierce” Maternity Wear

Adding to his ever-expanding empire of "fierce"-ness, designer Christian Siriano is now collaborating with maternity line Moody Mamas on a capsule collection called, aptly, Fierce Mamas, which includes sexy dresses for about $200, slinky $50 tees embellished with pleats, and more.

The designer has been a big fan of collaborations of late, between his spiky-heeled collection with Payless and his slightly bizarre decision to create a card for Starbucks. That said, a stylish maternity line is kind of a brilliant idea, considering the only other person in the limelight tackling maternity is Nicole Richie.

Siriano met the designers behind the Moody Mamas, Marta Abrams and Elise Rosemarin, when the three studied design at the American InterContinental University in London. The concept behind the Moody Mamas is -- wait for it -- that stylish women should be allowed to continue to be stylish even when they're knocked up. (We know, the concept seems pretty simple, but the big surprise is how few maternity lines actually seem stylish). In this regard, both the Moody Mamas and Fierce Mamas are truly excellent: The silhouettes are light and airy but not tent-like, and the tops have inventive add-ons like box-pleats and woodsy red plaid -- the kind of print most typical maternity lines would shy away from. As Siriano told the LA Times, "When you’re pregnant, you’re still living your same life ... If you loved clothes before, why not love them now?"

Next up: fierce children's wear? We'll just have to wait and see.

Fierce Mamas is available at Nordstrom.

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