Christian Louboutin Makes a Barbie with Skinnier Ankles

Luxury footwear designer Christian Louboutin (he of the red soles fame) has designed three custom Barbies from head-to-toe, even going so far as to slim the dolls' ankles, which he described as "fat."

In explaining Louboutin's decision to make a female doll often criticized for giving women unrealistic standards of beauty even skinnier, a spokesperson told WWD simply, "He found her ankles were too fat."

Apparently one of the three dolls will be revealed in time for the Cannes International Film Festival, so we can all take a peek at how skinny a doll's ankles really need to be to wear Louboutin's must-coveted stilettos. In a clever touch, each of the dolls' outfits will come with a special Louboutin shoe box for the Barbie's fancy new heels.

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