EVENT WATCH: Chefs from Frankie’s, Morimoto To Put On Their Lab Coats


Right on the heels of the news that Ferran Adria will be soon closing his molecular gastronomy temple, El Bulli, and the rumors that inventive Chicago chef Grant Achatz may be opening a bar in the future, comes a tasting event celebrating the scientific side of the kitchen. On Monday evening, catering giants Great Performances are hosting an "Einstein meets Julia Child" dinner, with laboratory-inspired dishes from Perbacco, Frankie's Spuntino, and Morimoto, in honor of the upcoming "Cooking:An Exhibition" show at the Liberty Science Center. 

Though we'd like to put a cap on all the puffery about molecular gastronomy and the various foams and fizzes therein, it's always nice to see chefs stretching and actually working with the new techniques--even if just for those diners who can fork over $150 for a one-night schmooze.

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