Watch and Listen: Free Spirit

Getty Images

Visitation Rites this morning reminds us of the off-the-cuff inspirations of Greenpoint's Free Spirit, the duo of Michael McGregor and Jonah Maurer. Below are two of the band's compositions, each one made without expectation of results.

It's raining today, and if there's a way you can watch these videos, with the passing of the gray afternoon, and hear the songs all at once, try it -- you'll feel much more sedate under the weather's dour mood.

Free Spirit - Yealands from Free Spirit on Vimeo.

Free Spirit - Babelon from Free Spirit on Vimeo.

This convergence of free expression, audio and video is what being a multimedia artist is all about these days. And beyond that, sharing the project at will through social media? Choice. But we usually only see rappers with click-driving braggadocio throwing out mixtapes and singles through Tumblrs. I love how understated this whole project is: these postings barely pass with a comment, the songs and videos moving like vapor through the night.

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