Cheap(er) Thanksgiving Eats


Looking to eat out on Thanksgiving but are budget-conscious this year? The following BR Guest locations are offering amazing pre fixe menu options.

Wildwood Barbeque ($24.95 per person)
Park Avenue South at 27th Street

Primehouse New York ($42 per person)
381 Park Ave South

Atlantic Grill ($38 per person)
1341 3rd Avenue between 76th and 77th

Blue Water Grill ($38 per person)
31 Union Square West at 16th St.

Blue Fin ($42 per person)
1567 Broadway at 47th St.

Isabella's ($36 per person)
359 Columbus Ave. at 77th St.

Ocean Grill ($38 per person)
384 Columbus Ave. at 78th St.

For those who are preparing a Thanksgiving feast at home, Chef Brian O'Donahoe of Primehouse New York and Chef Matt Hughes of Blue Water Grill are available to participate in cooking segments with budget-friendly Thanksgiving dish options.

Also, Wildwood Barbeque is offering a Thanksgiving To Go menu so that New Yorkers can feel like they are eating out while dining at home with "Just Turkey" for $55 or a "Feed the Family" option for $160.

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