Cheap Booze: Trendy!

Hey, didja hear? Now that nobody can afford anything, bottom-shelf rotgut is all the rage! The Times says so, so it must be true.

According to this Times piece about the city's recessionary drinking habits, Popov is the new Grey Goose. Yes! Time was, only students, tightwads, and people who liked hangovers would settle for bottom-shelf swill, but now that the economy has "fallen off a cliff" (Warren Buffett, why the dramatics?), well spirits aren't just cheap. They're trendy, too.

But you know who hates the hipification of the $3 cocktail? Liquor companies. Take Diageo, the boozeglomerate responsible for probably 9 out of 10 benders worldwide. Diageo owns everything from José Cuervo to Johnnie Walker, but they'll barely admit to Popov being part of the stable. It isn't even on the company's website, the Times piece says.

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