Chavez Ride on to Bowery Ballroom


New York underground institution Chavez will play the Bowery Ballroom on May 18. They only play out every so often, so if you like guitar-effects-drenched maelstroms, you should pick up tickets when they go on sale Friday.

Back in the day, Chavez released two accurately titled albums (1995's Gone Glimmering and 1996's Ride the Fader) that proved massively influential to rock fans who like tricky time signatures and zoned-out feedback.

They also had one of the weirder videos to ever grace "Beavis and Butthead." Then, they stopped.

The band never broke up exactly, but they were largely inactive for about a decade while the members followed other interests.

Guitarist Clay Tarver is a screenwriter, and other guitarist Matt Sweeney played in Billy Corgan's post-Smashing Pumpkins group Zwan and briefly managed Andrew W.K. 

Chavez started playing shows every so often about a decade after they stopped, and released a compilation album, 2006's Better Days Will Haunt You, that sums up their mix of jagged, complex riffing and propulsive force.

It's good that they remain active, but if you attend and start yelling "write a new song," we wouldn't hold it against you. 

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