Chanel's Jade Polish Officially Sold Out, Over $100 on eBay

The must-have polish of the season debuted in October and is already sold out everywhere -- except on eBay, where the price for the silky green hue has skyrocketed to $100.

The $25 polish is sold out at Chanel and department stores, but right now, there are 27 results on eBay for Chanel Le Vernis Jade 407 (a limited-edition color, along with Jade Rose 493) -- and pointed out that while some are currently priced for as little as $24, some top-rated sellers are going as far as offering "Buy It Now" prices of $165. $165! Granted, that price is apparently for the set of both Jade and Jade Rose, but we're still skeptical of anyone who would pay three figures for a seasonal nail polish.

For those looking for a budget, non-eBay solution, Essie has offered a somewhat similar (though, we'll admit, sub-par) $8 green called Mint Candy Apple; or for the DIY-inspired, try Cheap Chic Daily's method of layering a pale, creamy Essie pink over a strong OPI green.

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