Chairlift Record Release Party Tonight


It was almost three years ago on a sweltering stage at the Bonnaroo Music Festival that we first saw Chairlift, the synth-pop trio (now duo) from Colorado, now based in Greenpoint.

Chairlift’s front-woman Caroline Polachek (songwriting, vocals, tambourine, synthesizer), who can easily double as an Urban Outfitters model, was behind her keyboard in a purple strappy dress singing their hit -- and iPod commercial single -- “Bruises,” from their 2008 release Does You Inspire You, along with apparent fan Solange Knowles.

Tonight,  Polachek, along with Patrick Wimberly (drums, bass guitar, keyboard, production) return to celebrate the release of their second album Something at the Bowery Ballroom.

We got a taste of the new album with the video for “Amanaemonesia," a single that was released last fall.

In Something, the avant-garde group has once again released an album with a fresh air of melodic excitement that made them a standout among the hipster herd of artists that also debuted in the late aughts. This album is sweeter and dreamier than Does You Inspire You, and a tinge catchier, with a dance elegance. Definitely worth waiting for.

Catch them tonight, along with DIVE, and Violens.

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