Chainsaws, Dead Cats: Stuff Seized at NY Customs

That extra bottle of perfume you didn't declare en route back from Paris? That's nothing. Read about the most unusual items New York City's custom offers have seized

In no particular order -- and with all due thanks to the Daily News, whose full article you'll want to read -- here are some of the weirdest items seized from passengers attempting to smuggle them through customs at JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia:

  • $600,000 of cocaine, "concealed in canned vegetables, a Kahlua bottle and an attaché case"
  • A dead cat stuffed with drugs
  • Nun-chucks, Chinese throwing stars, swords inside canes
  • Seven pounds of chocolate-coated heroin bars
  • A power chain saw, gassed up and ready to go
  • Seven stolen Fabergé bowls and cutlery valued at $250,000
  • A frozen monkey head
  • A dead relative in a wheelchair (body-transport fees are pricier than regular tickets)
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