Celebs Take Aim at Nobu Over Tuna Flap

Could some fish-loving celebrities help force an end to bluefin tuna on the menu at Nobu?

A school of celebrities and a leading environmental group want the world-famous restaurant chain – co-owned by Robert DeNiro -- to drop the endangered bluefin tuna from its menu.

Just days after a Greenpeace protest, celebs including Elle McPherson, Woody Harrelson, Sting, Trudie Styler, Sienna Miller wrote a letter to the swanky Japanese-fusion restaurant asking that bluefin tuna be eliminated from the menu.

Bluefin is a species considered by many to be as endangered as the white rhinoceros, panda or tiger. 

The celebrities wrote that Nobu is a restaurant "we all love with a fantastic reputation and enormous influence" but bluefin tuna "must be completely removed from the menu due to its perilous position as an extremely endangered animal".

Many of the big names came forward after seeing a London screening of "The End of the Line," a documentary on overfishing based on the book by Charles Clover.

The original Nobu in TriBeCa serves handrolls and other bluefin items that can run up to $40.

Last week, about a dozen members of Greenpeace staged a pointed but restrained demonstration in the dining room of Nobu over the blufin flap.

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