Cee Lo is Raekwon's Dad, Kind Of

If you follow the continued legacy of Staten Island's Wu-Tang Clan with as much fervor as we do, you'll know that Raekwon, following the great critical success of his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II announced last year that he's producing a biopic about -- why not? -- himself.

XXL broke that news last year about the film, titled C.R.E.A.M., after the classic 36-Chambers track. And once again today, the hip-hop news giants brought us word of more film-related info: none other than Cee Lo Green has been cast as the father of The Master Chef.

"Cee Lo Green [is] playing my pops in the film,” Chef told XXL. “Cee Lo is gon’ play Raekwon’s ol’ dad!”

He also told the rag the script is nearly done and nearly 60 percent of the roles have been cast.

Previously, Raekwon had told XXL that Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids was in talks to play 'lil 'Kwan.

“Chuck of The Cool Kids, that’s my dude, good dude, but he’s still gotta go in for casting purposes to see if he really could make a debut in a great way,” he told XXL.

Though at the moment we're not sure if we'll see a commercial release, Rae says he's in talks with a major independent studio. Let's hope it's not the same movie house that brought us the horrible, horrible Now Eat.

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