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Thinking of leaving New York? Not so fast: one family's story

So right about now, your knickers are in a righteous twist because you bought a place in the city, and you're watching the economy fall apart, and you're thinking it might be time to cash out while your square footage is still worth something, and then maybe scoop up some real estate somewhere less crazy, somewhere with trees, maybe near Cleveland, with... Not so fast.

ICYMI, Friday's The Hunt (NYT) will bolster the morale of anyone who's obsessing over real estate headlines and thinking about making a move. It tells the tale of yupple Finola Keyes and John Wood and their daughter, who bought a Boerum Hill brownstone in '97 (for $380k - ahh, memories) and sold it in '06 (this is the part of the story where you get to hate them) to decamp to Maplewood N.J., where they bought for close to a mil… before realizing they hated 'burb life, missed greenmarkets and late-night Thai takeout and wanted to come back to the city. (And that, oh yeah, their Garden State property taxes were ten times what they were paying in Brooklyn.) Without spoiling the ending for you, they wound up moving back, but at a price. We're exhausted just reading their emotional roller coaster of a story - we can't imagine living it. So yeah. We're staying put (for now).

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