Car Wars: BMW Goes Team Milk, Facing Off With Mercedes-Benz Tents

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has had its competition building since Milk shouldered nearly half the superstar fashion showings this season, and now a new sponsor kicks it up a notch.  Enter that other German beauty: BMW

In an underhanded-but-undeniably-sexy move, BMW will employ a fleet of 12 MAC & Milk-decorated 750i series Beamers to ferry fashionistas between their venue and the tents.  Between this development and Laurel's fun convo with the M&M peeps, we're beginning to really like the mischeivous renegades over there. Estee Lauder President John Demsey called the auto's endorsement the "icing on the cake," and if there's any appropriate forum for a little not-so-subtle competition, it's New York Fashion Week

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