Meet the Party Captain: Luxury Cruise Helmsman Fred Ardolino

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Capt. Fred Ardolino has been at the helm of his luxury yacht The Atlantis for countless number of formal events -- but the swank sunset cruise held on board the sleek vessel last night was among his favorites.

Last night, the Friends of Animal Rescue hosted a cruise around Manhattan where patrons sipped cocktails and bid on a silent auction to benefit animals as Capt. Ardolino navigated the East River alongside the glittering skyline.

"I'm an animal lover, too," Ardolino said during the cruise. "I have enough of my own: three turtles, two dogs, fish all over the place and a bird."

The 150-foot custom cruiser was designed by Ardolino and boasts three massive decks, a dining salon that can fit 300 guests and amenities that include a Jacuzzi, VIP suite and custom fish aquarium. He has hosted weddings, benefits and even events for the USA Olympic basketball team aboard his ship. But this benefit was different.

"The people that are here are animal lovers and they wanted to do what they can to fin da quality home for them and many times it's out of their own pockets," he said.

He added, "An animal is a true friend. He doesn't care about what you look like or where you are. He's just going to be loyal to you."

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