Calling Cards: the Facebook of the 1890s

Plus the Free People/Walter sale and Fat Witch’s bargain brownie Witch Ends

PROPER-LIKE: Back before “friend” became a verb – around the 1890s, specifically –society types would give out calling cards when they wanted to meet with you. (And not responding to one was that era’s delete button). A sweet selection of vintage color chromolithographs awaits at Greenpoint’s newish Le Grenier antiques/housewares shop, if that’s how you roll. $8 each. 19 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-569-0111.

DOUBLE HEADER: Get yourself over to Chelsea Market between now and October 25 to save between 60 and 80% on fall apparel from Walter and Free People, whose gorgeously boho vibe fits perfectly right now. And hey, while you’re there…

WITCH ONE: …you may want to stop in at Fat Witch Bakery for a bag of their Witch Ends, a.k.a. the parts of brownies that are on the edge of the pan. These chewy nuggets may be rejects, but the FW people know the truth: This is the best part, kind of like the burnt ends at R.U.B. or Dunkin’s Munchkins. They’re $6.50 for a 1-lb. bag, and heaven crumbled over ice cream. Plus, 10% of sales goes to Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue; 212- 243-6005. 

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