Angel Food: Buyer Saves The Pink Tea Cup

The Pink Tea Cup is out of the red.

Or at least, the doors can reopen again. The Times is reporting that the famed Greenwich Village soul food institution is set to begin again near its old location, with the same staff but with a new owner.

Lawrence Page (a filmmaker/producer, not the Google guy) bought the name from the restaurant's former owner, Lisa Ford, for $400,000 according to the Times.

"I thought it was a good business to save," Page told the paper. "I just wrote the check. The name is worth that -- 50 years of legacy."

The new location will be near Bleecker Street and Seventh Avenue South, just around the corner from the old store, and would be bigger, seating 75 to 80 people. The old location served its last meal on Sunday after 55 years in business.

Page, who is partnering with the old manager, Vincent Pinkney, says he wants to open the restaurant next month, before the end of Black History Month.

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