Bushwick Artists Set Up Warehouse Trailer Park

It's a deal on wheels in Bushwick. A trailer park has cropped up inside an old warehouse and is now home to a fledgling community of artists who share utilities and studio space.

There are currently six salvaged trailers parked in the Nut Factory, a 6,500 square-foot warehouse (that used to be a nut roasting factory) off the Montronse L stop. Co-founder Hayden Cummings told RentedSpaces that"There's no affordable private space for artists to create art together, so now it's come to campers in warehouses."

Cummings is looking for like-minded people and he's even put an ad on Craigslist.

The factory-turned-trailer park is quite a deal.  For $590 you get a camper with electricity and free Wi-Fi(!) and access to an indoor darkroom, recording studio, stage, gym and various workshops.

There's no propane in the place, just space heaters and hot plates.

This isn't the first time artists have gotten creative to nail down affordable housing in Bushwick.  Last summer brought word of Tent City, a community of tents inside an abandoned warehouse.

Of course, there is a vetting process for the Nut Factory. Only "folks who believe in the vision and are excited to contribute ideas, share knowledge, help organize, decorate and bring in others to make this something extraordinary," Cummings said.

In the spring they will will move outside and be joined by another 20 or so campers, with a "boardwalk-like street" down the middle.

"The tools, atmosphere and active neighborhood will be available at a reasonable price so you won't have to spend all your energy working a mundane job to pay for studio space," the Craigslist Ad said.  Oh So true.

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