Burritoville May Be Kaput, But ‘Mexican Food Savior' Is Here!

A huarache in the making at El Rey del Sabor.
Photo: Courtesy of Midtown Lunch

If, as an NYU freshman, you ever tucked into a Bob Marley burrito and thought, “Heh, this totally tastes like weed,” you’ll be saddened to hear from Gothamist that it may be “hasta la vista, baby” for the Burritoville chain. But take solace: Midtown Lunch brings news of “the most authentic Mexican food I have seen in Midtown” (not saying much, but okay…), care of a “super cheap” new cart, El Rey del Sabor.

Details: It’s located on the corner of 60th Street and Third Avenue, is manned by a Los Dados cook, and serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas, tamales, sopes, and even huaraches. Zach Brooks raves (raves!) about it, but downtowners content with the El Idolo truck on 14th Street may not want to bother: It's "not as good as the ballfields, Tehuitzingo, or some of the best Mexican places in the outer boroughs.”

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