Burberry to Light Up Madison Avenue in March

[Current signage at 444 Madison (left), and a rendering of Burberry's sign (right)]

In July, the Post's Lois Weiss broke the news that British luxury label Burberry was about to sign a lease at 444 Madison Avenue that would not only include space for offices and a retail store, but would also give them their name in lights atop the building (currently, New York Magazine holds that privileged position). Today, the Times reports that the switchover will happen in March of next year. The new Burberry signs will lord over ones that will display the time and temperature. Needless to say, heads of the brand are very pleased.

“Being able to have a building that’s going to say ‘Burberry’ in lights is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Eugenia Ulasewicz, Burberry’s president for the Americas. “Remember, Thomas Burberry founded gabardine fabric, and outerwear is a cornerstone of our brand, so to have it say ‘Burberry’ and, by the way, here’s the temperature — that’s very unique.

Thankfully, we're not going to see a copycat "Abercrombie" building or "H&M" tower: the illuminated sign at 444 Madison was grandfathered in, but similar displays aren't allowed on new skyscrapers.
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