Bungalow H8

Last night, Guest of a Guest, the blog of choice for aspiring socialites, threw its first-ever holiday party, at Bungalow 8—which the site claimed in September had been “reincarnated” thanks to a skylight and few new palm trees. (Hey, they’re from Nebraska. Can you blame them for getting excited about palm trees?) Their post was a response to a story in Page Six which argued that Amy Sacco had lost her touch. The debate continued to rage throughout the fall, with Down by the Hipster claiming that Bungalow 8 had become less than “hot and exclusive” when he received a mass invitation from Bungalow on Facebook. If last night was any indication, it does seem that DBTH might have a point, but maybe that's just because most guests of Guest of a Guest don't know how to tip.

Now, the skylight is covered with winter flurries, the DJ is playing "Grandma Got Run Over by Run Over By a Reindeer" (really), and only one thing is clear: If GofG can pack the place at 8 p.m. on a snowy Tuesday with twenty-somethings wearing leather minis and fringed tube tops just by offering free vodka, then clearly the renovation was worthwhile.

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