BruniBetting: Buttermilk Channel

Tomorrow, Frank Bruni reviews Buttermilk Channel, the earnest, warm, newbie neighborhood bistro in Carroll Gardens. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 15-1
One Star: EVEN √√
Two Stars: 7-1
Three Stars: 144-1
Four Stars: 20,736-1

As say the oddsmakers this week, so do we: it would be a surprising to see this restaurant get anything but a warm, earnest one star. The restaurant isn't menacing with its prices or disposition or concept, which with in chorus with a simple interior and charming owner-operator, all but eliminates the possibility of zero stars. Frankdog Millionaire just don't roll that way. Over to the multi-star scenarios, one would have to have a deep personal affinity for a) Brooklyn b) names that incorporate obscure local lore c) extreme dining room volume and d) more Brooklyn to bet on two or above. Those scenarios, although not 100% out of the question, are for daredevils only. The lack of shine in the room keeps it safe from zero stars; the lack of shine on the menu eliminates the deuce or above. Therefore, our wager this week is on one star, with points awarded for a handful of standouts—say, the sausages?—and good, budget-conscious overall execution. Bettors, have your state-issued photo IDs out, svp.

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