Whose Tree Is It, Anyway?


A Flatbush resident recounts a tale of woe concerning her beloved oak tree. Her neighbor, a local temple, wasn't fond of the tree's branches. The rest in her words: "I came home today at 11 AM to find a whole crew of people all over my lawn and driveway chopping up the big huge branches they had already chopped off the tree. This seems very wrong. Shouldn’t they have at least asked me before climbing up the tree and chopping big parts off? This is a venerable old oak that has been here I am going to guess for more than 100 years. The deed was done by the time I got home — but they (the crew) were still out on my lawn, chain-sawing the branches into bits and pieces. Add this to the fact that the temple’s compressor runs loudly night and day — even when it is 55 degrees out and the temple has the windows open... And the senior center food garbage is a stinky mess that leaks out some pretty nasty luiquid onto the sidewalk (where my one year old child walks). I really need some help — how I can exert a little pressure on the temple to act more like good neighbors?? The tree, the noise, the garbage — it is really bad." BTW, she called the police, who "were completely uninterested."

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