Who's Moving to Downtown Brooklyn?


That's what Ideal Properties Group has been researching during the third quarter of 2008. Yesterday, they sent out a report [warning: pdf] with new tenants' ages, genders, average incomes, marital/roommate statuses, occupations, previous residences, and whether they used guarantors to get leases. FYI, their definition of Downtown includes Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Windsor Terrace.

Behold, the typical tenant in downtown Brooklyn:
· 29.5 years old on average
· 83 percent live with roommates or families
· 52 percent are women.
· most lived and rented in Brooklyn before heading downtown
· many work freelance in entertainment industry
· make (on average) $72,342
· 79 percent don't need a guarantor
· pays an average rent of $2,592/month

Most of those who poked around in these "downtown" neighborhoods settled on one; 72 percent of those newbies selected a new life in Park Slope.
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