Washington Avenue Condo Glut?


On the same Washington Avenue block, between St. Marks and Dean, three new-build condo developments are [still] on the market. 647-49 Washington, called "Washington Towers," is being handled by Bergen Basin realty, which shows six remaining units ranging from $439,000 for a 870-square-foot duplex studio to $699,000 for a 1258-square-foot three-bed, two-bath unit, down a bit from when we checked in in March of '06. Common charges are pretty low: $200.00 to $334.00 a month. 651 Washington is a little less pleasing to the eye, with its iron balconies, long lintels and Feders boxes; it's being handled by Metropolis Realty, who gave the six remaining units, including a $749,000 triplex and three one-bedrooms, a price cut recently; the latter begins at at $349,000 and goes up $10,000 by floor. Finally, 655 Washington is called "The Modern Post," though the Web site's out of commission. AH has seven of nine units listed for $421,000 to $789,000 (for a studio/loft!).
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