Duking It Out Over Windsor Terrace


A few weeks ago, a reporter for the Daily News did a shop-through of Windsor Terrace, concluding that it had a "quaint retail mix" — that was actually the article's title. Her take on neighborhood fixture Farrell's — "Farrell's smells like beer, has a hardwood floor, and neon Budweiser signs and an American flag in the windows... It's not my cup of tea - or beer" — inspired a response from a longtime neighborhood resident on Container Diaries, a Windsor Terrace blog. "Institutions like Farrell’s and their survival are critical to the history that is so deeply entrenched in a neighborhood like Windsor Terrace." The debate that follows is so heated, we thought for a minute we were reading Brownstoner.
Protect Your Turf [Container Diaries]
Farrell's Pub. Photo by Rob Hoey.

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